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Is the Gnostic Mass a IX° Magical Ritual?

by Entelecheia Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.  Bishops Lon and Constance DuQuette believe that Liber XV: Ecclesiæ Gnostiæ Catholicæ Canon Missæ (the Gnostic Mass) is best understood as the ritualized enactment of Ordo Templi Orientis’s (O.T.O.’s) supreme secret of magick. They have popularized this interpretation in

Crowley and Evola: Comparisons and Parallels

Crowley and Evola: Comparisons and Parallels

by Vincent St. Clare I enjoy “rambling” on comparisons and parallels between various thinkers; in particular I like to compare Aleister Crowley to his contemporaries, and compare their respective ideas—though I’ve never put these comparisons (and correlations) into text before now. In this essay I intend to do just those things,

Thelema as a Path of Erotic Liberation

Thelema as a Path of Erotic Liberation

by Entelecheia Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. This article represents an attempt to interpret Thelema as a coherent path of spiritual liberation. This reconstruction resolves two problems of Thelema interpretation, what I have called the Coherence Problem and the Liberation Problem. I also believe it is

Approaching Babalon: New Book Release

Approaching Babalon: New Book Release

by Georgia van Raalte A new book from Thelemic Union contributor and author Georgia van Raalte, Approaching Babalon presents a series of essays exploring the Goddess Babalon, the Divine Feminine, the Dark Mother, and the ever-revolving circuit of Sex and Death which lies at the centre of the Mysteries. This book

Learning the Joy of Existence in Thelema

Learning the Joy of Existence in Thelema

by Vincent St. Clare “I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive.”Henry Miller “Remember all ye that existence is pure joy; that all the sorrows are but as shadows; they pass & are done; but there is that which remains.”Liber AL vel Legis I've done enough suffering

Gnostic Mass Heresy: Breaking OTO’s Binary

Gnostic Mass Heresy: Breaking OTO's Binary

by Sibling AYIN Head of OTO: Gnostic Mass is from a Male Perspective At the 1996 O.T.O. Women's Conference, the Sovereign Patriarch/O.H.O. (Outer Head of the Order of Ordo Templi Orientis), Hymenaeus Beta XII°, decided to give his remarks on the topic of the Gnostic Mass. Of all the things in

On Swami Vivekananda’s Philosophy of Yoga and its prevalence in Crowley’s Thelema

Swami Vivekanandas Philosophy of Yoga and its prevalence in Crowleys Thelema

by Lani Milbus This piece is an excerpt from Lani Milbus' forthcoming book Effing the Ineffable. The kind of person who would open a book such as this, a seeker, is usually someone who has a question about the nature of existence. More specifically, we want to know; what is the

Gender is not a Zero-Sum Game

Gender is not a Zero Sum Game in Aleister Crowley's Gnostic Mass

by Sib. James Gordon In the past forty-eight hours as outrage about the wording and explicit policy decisions concerning the way that some of our siblings are allowed to present in the EGC Mass have spread outward, I have seen a lot of hurt cisgender identifying people on the internet. The people

Aleister Crowley’s Sex Magick: Gnostic Mass, ZRO, Samadhi, and the Supreme Secret of OTO

Aleister Crowley's Sex Magick in Ordo Templi Orientis

by Hasan i-Sabah Aleister Crowley's Sex Magick: Looking at "Atlantis" Part of Aleister Crowley's infamous reputation comes from his involvement in sex magick, including his knowledge of the Ninth Degree or Supreme Secret of Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). Now the O.T.O. is in possession of one supreme secret. The whole of its system