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Thelemic Union offers various online courses to learn magick, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses.

Aleister Crowley’s Magick – Starting your Spiritual Practice

This course is a 120-day program to start practicing Magick as taught by Aleister Crowley. Learn the basic theory and practice of magick to get started immediately and begin seeing results!

Aleister Crowley
  • This course includes over 30 lessons to guide you through beginning a practice of Magick. Going through each of the four Elements, students will learn basic practices to begin to balance the Elements within themselves. If you have always wanted to start a practice but are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of books and material on the subject, this course is for you!
  • Course includes 30 lessons including interactive quizzes to test your knowledge, downloadable PDFs for ritual aids, magical record templates, audio guides, and more to help you learn Magick quickly.
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The Star Ruby: Thelemic Banishing Ritual

The goal of this course is to familiarize the student of Magick with the ritual known as the “Star Ruby,” also known as “Liber XXV” or “Liber 25.”

First, this course will describe the fundamentals of being a Magician, both in theory and practice, to describe how and why one would perform ceremonial ritual. Next, there are general theoretical considerations, answering the question as to why one would practice the Star Ruby. Third, there is an overview of the theory of the Star Ruby. Lastly, there is instruction in how to perform the Star Ruby.

The course is written so that no previous knowledge or experience is necessary to learn this important Thelemic ritual.

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Vision Magick: Scrying & Pathworking

The purpose of this course is to teach you invocation, one of the main practices of magick. In particular it will teach you how to construct and perform rituals to invoke the spirits of the paths of the Tree of Life.

Learn how to do vision magick of scrying and pathworking

  • Instruction on magical energy
  • Learn the basics of invocation
  • Explore how to use 777 and apply it to your rituals
  • Learn how to have spiritual experiences with vision magick
  • Have magical visions and work the paths of the Tree of Life
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Eightfold Key of Thelemic Magick: Integrating Aleister Crowley’s I Ching Attributions

Aleister Crowley left instructions to integrate the I Ching hexagrams into Thelemic magick, attributed in special ways to the four Quarters and four Cross-quarters of the Elements. In this course, you will learn the attributions, the reasons for them, and how to integrate them into your own ritual creations. In this course you will learn…

Aleister Crowley
  • A new perspective on Thelemic magick
  • How Aleister Crowley attributed I Ching trigrams to the magick Temple
  • New perspectives on the Gnostic Mass and Star Ruby rituals
  • Deeper understanding of the enigmatic Star Sapphire ritual
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