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Crowley and Evola: Comparisons and Parallels

Crowley and Evola: Comparisons and Parallels

by Vincent St. Clare I enjoy “rambling” on comparisons and parallels between various thinkers; in particular I like to compare Aleister Crowley to his contemporaries, and compare their respective ideas—though I’ve never put these comparisons (and correlations) into text before now. In this essay I intend to do just those things,

What is Consensus Thelema?

Consensus Thelema

by Entelecheia Consensus Thelema is hard to define. It is nebulous by nature. But it also tends to disguise itself as its opposite: lack of consensus, radical individualism, creative self-expression, iconoclasm, and an uncompromising advocacy of non-conformity. It’s like a force field that permeates the Thelemic community. It’s conspicuous when you