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Capitalism, Magick and the Law of Thelema

Capitalism, Magick and the Law of Thelema

by Anonymous Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. The Law of Thelema and Thelemic values stand diametrically opposed to Capitalism.   Therefore, it also stands against all forces and tributaries that nourish and support Capitalism, whose deliberate fabrication, orchestration and execution saw to its inception and see to

Occultism and Mental Illness: Returning Magic to its Healing Roots

Occultism And Mental Illness: Returning Magic To Its Healing Roots

By Frater Entelecheia I’ve seen the connection between spirituality (particularly occultism) and mental illness pointed out many times over the years. It is a commonplace now to suggest individuals supplement the magical path with psychotherapy. I won’t bother naming anyone or quoting anything in connection with these ideas. We’ve all read