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Heteronormativity and Gender Essentialism in Thelemic Ritual and Communities

by Tau Meithras Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. The last few weeks have seen the Thelemic community shaking even more than the usual: in a stunningly reactionary and gender essentialist move by O.T.O., non-binary individuals are now no longer allowed to perform as Priest or Priestess

Magick, Yoga & Phenomenology

Magick, Yoga & Phenomenology

by Robert Prince This essay examines the similarities between Magick, Yoga and the philosophical method known as “Phenomenology.” These similarities will be discussed in relation to the yogic model of psychology ,as set forth by Pantanjali, many centuries ago.  Pantanjali’s “Yoga Sutra’s” is the first systematic text on yoga psychology in