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Theosexuality: a Man’s Perspective

Theosexuality: a Man's Perspective

by Brother Marco I have been following, supporting, and encouraging the writings of Sister Georgia for several months now: as someone who has invested the last 20 years of his life in the Current, I have learned that what it needs is more empowered voices of empowered Women (with a capital

Gerald Gardner & Ordo Templi Orientis: A New and Greater Pagan Cult

Gerald Gardner & Aleister Crowley: A New and Greater Pagan Cult

by Rodney Orpheus (An earlier draft of this article first appeared in Pentacle Magazine, Summer 2009) Ordo Templi Orientis was founded at the beginning of the twentieth century in Germany under the leadership of Theodor Reuss, who recruited Aleister Crowley to the Order around 1912. Both men had been heavily involved in spiritual pursuits