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3 thoughts on “Theosexuality and 5 Geek Social Fallacies

  1. From what I’ve found in other communities, if an abusive person also happens to be part of a marginalized community (trans, disabled, etc.), there’s even more resistance to removing them and often people who complain about them are more likely to be accused of having an agenda.

  2. seems like it is always tricky when humans are in a group setting. People bring their own emotional baggage to any group they join, and a group can truly suffer when issues fail to be addressed.
    you also run the risk of “group think” where a person will turn a blind eye to what they may feel conflicted by, in order to fit in. I believe a good starting point in addressing these issues and others is the free exchange of ideas and an openness to look at things from a different perspective. if these things are done in conjunction with consulting our holy books, we will have set our foot on the proper path of action.

  3. “an element of aristocracy must be introduced into our life. Of course i do not mean aristocracy of birth or of the purse, or even the aristocracy of intellect. I mean the aristocracy of character, of will, of mind. That only can free us.
    (Introduction The Law is For All)

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