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Occultism With a Side of Salt: A Podcast

Occultism With a Side of Salt: A Podcast

Editor’s Note: Thelemic Union has no connection to the Occultism With a Side of Salt podcast. As an organization, we seek to promote the philosophy and magick of Thelema. Thelemic Union therefore occasionally will help bring attention to the efforts of contemporary Thelemites to spread Thelemic viewpoints. We do not necessarily endorse the views of the podcast and its hosts but applaud their creating new content to engage magicians & bringing Thelema and occultism to a new generation.

Occultism With a Side of Salt Podcast

In the age of social media, new practitioners entering the esoteric world are bombarded and overwhelmed by the copious amount of information out there. From the countless blogs, the rise of occult YouTube over the past decade, open forums, and social media feeds, young occultists entering the community are overwhelmed. While the amazing amount of information and educational streams out there have led to a diverse, beautiful, and flourishing online occult community, there is a surge of misinformation. Thus, for new members of our community, it can be highly difficult to discern what to trust, what to believe, and what is the most reliable information out there. 

In response to this, we created a podcast with the aim to help correct misinformation, point out toxic trends, and hopefully help foster a healthier online community. Occultism With a Side of Salt, is our podcast that is hosted on YouTube and Spotify, with weekly uploads, hosted by three practicing occultists.

The hosts are: Georgina, a Thelemite and ceremonial magician, Chandler, an animist and traditional witch, and Aiden, a Thelemite and Solomonic magician.

What’s in the Podcast?

At the start of each week, we look through our feeds, speak with the other practitioners we are close to, read hot take posts on pagan blogging sites, and scour the community for what misconceptions and worries seem to be arising. After this, we take a few days to compile research, look into old grimoires and textual material, and compile our source list that is posted in the description box of every episode. Then, we create an outline for the show. Following this, we record and have a simple conversation focused around the aforementioned topic. After this, the show is edited in a few rounds of post-production, the audio is mixed, and the show is uploaded. 

Previously, the podcast has covered a wide variety of topics; ranging from the evolution of the biblical angel to the one seen in popular culture, the common experience of imposter syndrome in magickal practices, to the way chakras have been misinterpreted by western spiritual practitioners.

Each of the episodes takes an approach that seeks to not condemn any practices; but rather, open a dialogue on why things are used they what they are, and to give advice to practitioners who may have been following pieces of misinformation.

Essentially, the show seeks to avoid drama, and comment on how a person can improve their spiritual practice, with hopes to inspire a stronger online esoteric community. We hope to expand upon the conversations that practitioners are already engaging with online, and to help newer practitioners find historically and philosophically grounded resources to grow and learn.

How do I listen?

“Occultism With A Side of Salt” can be found on YouTube and Spotify. New episodes are uploaded every Wednesday at 12:00PM EST.

Occultism With a Side of Salt: A Podcast

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