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MARAH Volume 1: Bitterness – A New Thelemic Journal

MARAH Volume 1: Bitterness

From the Editors:

With MARAH, we at Temple of Our Lady of the Abyss wanted to create a journal that was a little bit different. We wanted to create a space for artists and writers who are working practically with the divine feminine to share their work. We wanted to create a resource for seekers upon the path – something that does not seek to proselytize or explain, but that offers illustrations, comparisons and points of relation. We also wanted to do something that would allow us to give back to our local community in a very real way, through donations to our nominated charity, Lost’n’Found Youth Atlanta. We believe that charity, though much misaligned, is a cardinal virtue, and that the key to creating a strong occult community is to create connections with the community at large.

This is our very first issue. We hope to be able to produce one volume per year, and will be looking for contributions to the next issue very soon.

Pre-Orders are now open for MARAH Volume 1: Bitterness. This is the inaugural issue of a new journal published by Temple of Our Lady of the Abyss, which explores the art and practice of devotion to the Divine Feminine.

Featuring art and writing from Cristina Francov, Amodali, Cat Boetcher, Vanessa Sinclair, Alba Margarita, Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos, Orlee Stewart, IAO131, Georgia van Raalte and many more.

All proceeds from the journal will go to Lost-n-Found Youth, a charity that helps homeless LGBTQ+ teens in Atlanta, GA.

Paperback, 105 pages.

Volume 1 strictly limited to 350 copies.

Books will be shipped February 2020.

Available here: MARAH Volume 1: Bitterness

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