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Approaching Babalon: New Book Release

Approaching Babalon: New Book Release

by Georgia van Raalte

A new book from Thelemic Union contributor and author Georgia van Raalte, Approaching Babalon presents a series of essays exploring the Goddess Babalon, the Divine Feminine, the Dark Mother, and the ever-revolving circuit of Sex and Death which lies at the centre of the Mysteries. This book offers an overview and introduction to the Goddess Babalon that takes a different road to that of Crowley and his followers. Approaching Babalon draws on the insights of Thelema, Ceremonial Magic, Critical Theory, Liberation Theology and the Decadents to weave its magico-theological poetics.

Centralising the body and bodily experience, the author rejects patriarchal mysticisms which seek to flee from the body and the world and slink off into the pure white light of heavenly rationalist sanitized boredom. Inspiring, erotic and deeply poetic, the text reaches ecstatic heights as it offers a kaleidoscopic vision of magic, sexuality, spirituality, ritual and the body in the time of the apocalypse.

Read a short excerpt from the book here

Check out the book on Lulu: Click here for the Paperback

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